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Report -PP

The report is on a general topic related to the service or product. As part of the reportage, the client's logo will be seen in natural shots.

Only the name is always listed in the respondent's caption.

Filming at your chosen location approximately 20 days before the broadcast date. (ideally within 150 km from Prague)

Can be filmed outdoors/indoors,

Our screenwriter always writes the script together with you.

Superlatives cannot be used in the report

(best, excellent, unique, etc.),

price, website and contacts.

sms - Competition


presentation in two premiere parts, 1. announcement of the competition, presentation of the prize, competition question, 2. announcement of the winner, presentation of the prize again

donated prize up to the amount of CZK 10,000,

Sponsor message   injection

  • the sponsor message is always at the beginning and end of the program

    • the sponsorship message must not contain, no superlatives such as the best, the greatest, etc.., and must not contain  a price or an incentive to purchase.

    • the length of the sponsorship message is 10 seconds

  • The injection can be placed according to the time-list, (logo with www - 1/16 of the image at the bottom right)

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