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The most watched  hobby and lifestyle magazine in the Czech Republic 

Average viewership of Czech hobby programs in 2022

Tomas Fiala


Phone: +420-725-530-313


Anna Kolářová

Senior key account manager

Phone: +420-605-158-046



The program Polopatá is broadcast on Czech television ČT-1

It is an ideal program to address your customers,   presenting features and information about your product/service.

The premiere is always on Sunday at 9 a.m. and repeats Friday at 4:45 p.m., Saturday at 7 a.m

Please note that Czech Television reserves the right to change the broadcast time for reruns of the program.

Options presentation

  • sponsorship messages (there are always 2 sponsorship messages for the show, including 6 repeats)

  • Injections (including repeats 3x)

  • online website CT weekly placement of SV on the Polopata website (Guarantee of 25,000 impressions per week)

  • competitions with presentation of winnings

  • reportage = 4-5 minutes - filming according to the topic in the location specified by you (max. up to 150 km from Prague)



The report is on a general topic related to the service or product. As part of the reportage, the client's logo will be seen in natural shots.

Only the name is always listed in the respondent's caption.

Filming at your chosen location approximately 20 days before the broadcast date. (ideally within 150 km from Prague)

Can be filmed outdoors/indoors,

Our screenwriter always writes the script together with you.

Superlatives cannot be used in the report

(best, excellent, unique, etc.),

price, website and contacts.

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